The Website Design and Development Milestone

Many clients and foremost caretakers of the web projects often ask for the duration it will take to design and develop a website / portal. Here, all depends on the functionality requirements and complexity, so there is not an exact answer about the time it will take to accomplish a website / portal project. It also depends how to respond to requests for approvals of certain milestones achieved as stages and how to implement them on the website project, no matter how large the project may be.

Most of the websites are accomplished in 2-8 weeks, which depends on the scope of the work undertaken which could affect the timeline to a great extent. Take for instance, you are hiring us for your WordPress theme design and development project and get the design done according to the content (which you already possess), it will shorten the average turnaround timeline of the project compared to other situations where the designing takes a bit more time and scale perfection to suitability.