A static website is collection of the web pages with the content, which is fixed or hooked on a web page in HTML codes, and is systematically displayed to the visitors. The static websites are the basic types of website templates which are the easiest ones to be created. They neither do require any web programming language scripts like PHP or ASP, nor any database designs or virtual databases. A static website can be simply created with few HTML template pages and hosted on the web servers.

Static websites include fixed codes, the content for each page which does not change unless manually updated through the webmasters. Static websites are stylish with designer concepts – as BSS designs every static website with a new ideology.

Static websites deliver information without any programmatic hells and whistles as they are easy to design and economically cheap to host and develop. At eYukti solutions, we do create professional and W3C complaint static websites as per the clients’ needs. The static web theme design can be in the form of the information about the product or information about any similar creativity around us.